Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NO!!! to connective tissue

I am readily admitant to and widely chastised for my surgical treatment of meat-related food products. so when my roommate arrived in casa nostra with plans for mirowave popcorn and animal crackers for lunch the following day- pitty consumed my half- inebriated brain and i felt it would only be right for me to create a diish for her for the next day or so. Noone should feel forced to subsist on Reddenbocker and Barhum & Bailey for cryin out loud.....
So, I found what she thought to be chicken breasts , half-defrosted in the fridge. Actually they were thighs- skinned and de-boned. This is something I have not encountered until this particular day. I do not like chicken, Sorry. It is not much less in fat than beef and it is about a billion times less flavorful and about a milion times more cruel. (this is not to posit that any meat is uncruel- but we were born with molars...so....anyway...an arguement for another day)
So.. there i was- trimming the chix thighs, which might have passed for a chicken donut if fried correctly. It is unsettling to receive something so small as a chicken thigh de-boned. So I trimmed it with scissors- a favorite kitchen utensil.... and accumulated about 40 % for scrap from what was presented to me. I really cannot consider eating the little connective bits that make a chix thigh senza bone for the mass market ( i am pretty sure this chix came frome Wal-Mart) so there i was with a heap of stuff i would rather not eat but my roommate would love over whole - wheat pasta. ICK. at least ther is no connective tissue or visible fat for her. So, it isn't so much the fat- which I know to be flavor-licious.... it is the feel of connection in the meat that I ccannot handle....does that make me a commitment phobe. Or just picky.

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